Meet artist and business associate Bill from my hometown

Greetings from Red Suit Studios! It was a pleasure hosting you at our in-person and virtual open house this past weekend! This holiday season is off to a great start, and it’s been so joyful to see new and returning customers alike. Bringing customers cheer is the heart and soul of Red Suit Studios, and despite the abnormalities of this year we plan to continue doing just that.

So many people contribute to the work of Red Suit Studios, and we appreciate each and every one of them for what they do. One of those special people is Mr. Bill Tockstein! Bill has played an important role for Red Suit Studios by supplying the beautiful plaster Santa faces that are used in our holiday pieces. Bill and Deb, the Red Suit Studios artist, have home-town ties in Centralia, IL. In his early years, Bill played guitar on two radio stations, played professional baseball in the US and Japan, and earned a Purple Heart while serving in the Korean War. Bill then returned home, started a family with his lovely wife, and started his art business as a hobby. Since then, Bill has continued his art business (50 years strong) and written many songs, which are available on CD.

Bill’s advice is to "Always be kind to everyone. It will always come back to you more than you could ever give." We want to thank Bill for the business relationship, passion for painting, and friendship that we share.

Stay up to date with our social media pages for information about our Christmas open houses that we’re having in partnerships with other local businesses!

Thank you for all the support, and happy holidays!


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